Avanti and the Membrane Chix

Posted on March 12, 2019

Membrane Chix 2019

Avanti and a group called Membrane Chix meet each year at the Biophysical Society Meeting, which took place this year from March 2 through March 6. The Membrane Chix are scientists, primarily women, from all over the world who are faithful lipid researchers and Avanti customers. Every year at the BPS Meeting, we make sure to create a t-shirt to share with this special group, and this year was no exception! We are incredibly thankful for the relationship we have with the Membrane Chix.

In the past, the Membrane Chix have had the following to say about Avanti: “The high quality of Avanti lipids powers our research, your sponsorship of conferences powers our scientific interactions, your funding of three different Avanti awards rewards our scientific discoveries, and your production of Membrane Chix t-shirts powers our mentorship of future lipid researchers.”

And it’s for scientists like those of Membrane Chix that we do what we do! Across years of interacting with these incredible intellectuals, we have successfully united generations of researchers who partake in the work of advancing our field each day. Without people like the Membrane Chix who power their research with our lipids, we couldn’t exist as we do.

The female perspective is absolutely crucial in all scientific fields. In the face of historic silencing or delegitimizing of women in science, we prioritize the mission of empowering female scientists. Groups like the Membrane Chix are important for establishing power in numbers, and we do all we can to support their efforts. And these scientists have made us proud!

We hope to continue this powerful partnership for years to come. We are already looking forward to meeting back up with the Membrane Chix at the Biophysical Society Meeting in 2020! Interested in learning more about Avanti and our high quality lipids and lipid standards? Contact us today.