Avanti and Croda: Working Towards Being Land Positive by 2030

Posted on June 22, 2022

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Last month we described our initiatives aimed towards making a positive difference on our climate, the land, and its people. As a business, we look to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to shape the way we intend to use Smart science to improve livesTM. Our goals are ambitious because they have to be to make an impact before it’s too late. A quick recap from last month before we dive into our efforts to be Land Positive by 2030:

  • We are committed to being Climate, Land, and People Positive by 2030
  • In 2019, we became a signatory for ‘Business Ambition for 1.5°C
  • In 2021, we became only the third major chemical company to have our Science Based Targets (SBT) verified
  • Our Climate Positive actions include carbon cover, reducing emissions, and sustainable innovation

Land Positive by 2030

So, what do we mean by Land Positive by 2030 and how do we plan to accomplish that? Croda and Avanti are committed to saving land area through improved yields and crop resilience because of our crop protection ingredients and seed treatment technologies. The Crop Care division of Croda International will bring an average of two crop technological breakthroughs to market each year that are in alignment with our SBTs. This will in turn help our customers mitigate the impact of climate change and land degradation. Finally, we will have established three new partnerships to contribute to the recovery of compromised farmland, working with customers, universities, and business councils to achieve this.

In short, we summarize our efforts towards being Land Positive by 2030 into two key areas: land use and crop science innovation. By focusing on these two areas, we are working towards achieving four different SDGs: zero hunger, responsible consumption and production, life on land, and partnerships for goals.

Land use and crop science innovation can both help achieve zero hunger. The goal of zero hunger can be achieved through food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture. Our crop protection and seed technologies will help save an additional 494,210 acres of land per year by 2030. This land can be used to fully support and feed 300,000 people per year.

Croda and Avanti are also committed to responsible and sustainable consumption and production processes. Our business will achieve this through increased recycling efforts, as well as tapping into renewable energy sources. There is still a lot of potential for renewable electric energy particularly in developing countries. As of 2017, renewable energy capacity per capita was only at 219 watts in developing countries compared to 880 watts in developed countries. In developing countries that we operate in, we see this as an area where we can make a huge impact.

Life on land is another UN SDG that Croda and Avanti can help achieve. We are committed to bringing to market an average of two crop technological breakthroughs every year. These technological advances in the crop care industry will help mitigate land degradation and help protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of our ecosystems. But we can’t do this alone. We have to form partnerships to reach these goals. We will work with our customers, academic institutions, and business councils to reach our goals and recover compromised farmland.

When you partner with Avanti and Croda, you’re not only receiving products and expertise you can count on, but you are also working with a company that prioritizes the climate, the land, and its people. Join us on our journey to become Climate, Land, and People Positive by 2030. Remember to check back in next month to learn how we are working towards being People Positive by 2030.