147th Edition of the Avanti Newsletter

Posted on February 21, 2018

? Phospholipids ? Sphingolipids ? Sterols ? Fluorescent Lipids ? Detergents ? Lipidomics ? Natural & Synthetic Lipids ? Bioactive Lipids ? Coenzyme A & Derivatives ? Fatty Acid Modified Lipids ? Headgroup Modified Lipids ? Stable Isotopes & ESR Probes ? Polymers & Polymerizable Lipids ? Cationic Lipids (Transfection) ? Neutral Lipids ? Aurora® Gold Probes ?

Whether you are looking for phospholipids, sphingolipids, sterols, or any other of our numerous product offerings, Avanti’s research products are the highest purity lipids on the market and give you the best possibility for success. Our research products undergo extensive oversight by our highly skilled QC and QA teams. They are more than 99% pure and that purity contributes directly to the success of our customers’ research and product development. 147th Edition of the Avanti Newsletter-The Lipid Lowdown