• This week in research: April 5, 2017

    People do Amazing Things with Our Lipids! Researchers from the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (Tokyo, Japan) are studying the role of PAF signaling in neuropathic pain, a chronic pain condition resulting from injury of the peripheral or central nervous systems. PAF, as well as, ATP and lyophosphatidic acid are thought to be
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  • This week in research: March 29, 2017

    People do Amazing Things with Our Lipids! This week in research:   Researchers from Northwest University (Xi’an, Shaanxi, China) used numerous lipid analytical standards from Avanti in a serum lipidomic analysis using UPLC-QTOF/HDMS to study lipid metabolism in chronic kidney disease (CKD). This interesting work identifies profound changes in lipid metabolites in individuals with CKD,
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  • New products this week: 10/31/2016

    These new derivatives gives the researcher a choice of 19 Deuterated Ceramides from which to choose CER7-2’R,6R(d9)  CER7-2’S,6R(d9)  Our extensive list of Endocannabinoids now includes a deuterated derivative of 2-Arachidonoylglycerol 2-AG-d11  Recently added to our choice of TopFluor and NBD Phytosphingosines we now have in stock an Omega Labeled NBD Phytosphingosine

  • NEW products this week: 10/17/2017

      Deuterated Hydroxy Phytosphingosine (S & R) Deuterated Hydroxy Ceramide (S & R) Deuterated Hydroxy Sphinganine (S & R) Deuterated Phytosphingosine Deuterated Hydroxy Sphingosine Deuterated Ceramide Deuterated Dihydroxy Ceramide  Glucosyl stigmasterol 16:0 & 18:1 stigmasteryl glucose

  • 147th Edition of the Avanti Newsletter

    ● Phospholipids ● Sphingolipids ● Sterols ● Fluorescent Lipids ● Detergents ● Lipidomics ● Natural & Synthetic Lipids ● Bioactive Lipids ● Coenzyme A & Derivatives ● Fatty Acid Modified Lipids ● Headgroup Modified Lipids ● Stable Isotopes & ESR Probes ● Polymers & Polymerizable Lipids ● Cationic Lipids (Transfection) ● Neutral Lipids ● Aurora®
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  • NEW products this week: 10/03/2016

    DSPE-PEG(2000)-TMS. This adds to the list of 13 Functionalized PEG Lipids currently available. DSPE-PEG(5000) Maleimide. Another Functionalized PEG Lipid as an alternative to PEG(2000) Maleimide derivative. DSPE-RGD. RGD-lipid conjugate available to modify liposomes for enhanced siRNA delivery. 17:1 Lyso PC. This adds to the list of 23 Lyso PCs currently available. C17:0 anandamide phosphate. A
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  • NEW products this week: 9/19/2016

    14:0 Sphingomyelin. This adds to the list of 19 Natural and Synthetic SM’s and derivatives currently available. Regadenoson or Lexiscan is an A2A adenosine receptor agonist used as a coronary vasodilator in pharmacologic stress testing. Recently, it has been demonstrated that regadenoson can temporarily disrupt the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) by inhibiting P-glycoprotein function.
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  • Lipids for Liposomes: Selection, Preparation and Application Video

    Dr. Di Bush gave a presentation at CRS in Seattle, Washington. Her presentation covered the selection, preparation and application of liposomes. To see her full presentation click the link below. The Avanti Formulations Team can help develop a suitable formulation for your liposome or nanoparticle. With the vast library of Avanti lipids and state-of-the-art equipment
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  • Nanomedicines Symposium: Advances in Materials, Manufacturing & Therapeutic Applications

    Speakers: Yvonne Perrie | Professor, Aston University Ben Boyd | Professor, Monash University Gaurav Sahay | Asst. Professor, Oregon State University Daniel Siegwart | Asst. Professor, UT Southwestern Kazuo Maruyama | Professor, Teikyo University Priya Karmali | Assoc. Director, Formulation Development, Arturus Therapeutics Don Enns | CEO, Transferra Nanosciences Volker Fehring | Director, Formulation Development,
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  • The Lipid Lowdown-Potential To Treat Type II Diabetes

    NEW ENDOGENOUS LIPID WITH ANTI-DIABETIC AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECTS PAHSA levels correlate highly with insulin sensitivity and are reduced in adipose tissue and serum of insulin-resistant humans. In adipocytes, PAHSAs signal through GPR120 to enhance insulin-stimulated glucose uptake. Thus, FAHFAs are endogenous lipids with the potential to treat type 2 diabetes. The 141 Edition of the
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