Avanti's high-purity lipids are transformed into high-accuracy tools for identification and quantitation of lipids by the research and pharmaceutical markets. These products support clinical biomarker development and the study of disease mechanisms.

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Whether you are a seasoned lipidomics researcher or new to the field, Avanti’s lipidomics catalog provides the tools you need to answer fundamental questions about lipid structure and function. As the field of lipidomics continues to evolve, we will continue developing and offering the highest quality, most relevant lipidomics products on the market. Check out our offerings below and fuel your lipidomics research today!

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Quotes from lipid leaders

"The technological breakthroughs in mass spectrometry, imaging, and chemical biology tools provided us with the understanding of true diversity of lipid molecular species in nature and their functional significance."

- Dr. Maria Fedorova, PhD, TU Dresden

"The largest breakthrough [in lipid research] definitely is the availability of standards and the beginning standardization of lipidomics workflows and data formats to open up lipidomics to a broader community."

-Robert Ahrends, PhD, University of Vienna