Care and Cleaning Instructions for Syringes

  1. Immediately after use, carefully disassemble both syringes.
  2. Depending upon your application, rinse the syringes with either isopropyl alcohol, DI water, or a weak detergent solution. If a detergent solution is used, rinse the syringe immediately with copious quantities of DI water.
  3. Rinse the syringes with DI water after cleaning.
  4. Dry the syringes.
  5. If it is necessary to use a sonic cleaner, only clean the needle with the sonic cleaner. Immediately after cleaning in the sonic cleaner, rinse with DI water and dry.
  6. The Plunger Assembly may need to be replaced if the syringes are used at elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Replacement parts are available here.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not allow the syringes to come into contact with any solvents other than DI water or alcohol. Some organic solvents will interact with the glue holding the threaded insert onto the tip of the syringe possibly weakening the bond between the barrel and the insert. The syringes must not be soaked in any solvent for the same reason.

Polycarbonate membranes and filter supports are intended to be used for a single liposome preparation and should not be reused.