Nutraceutical Testing

Avanti is experienced in performing analyses to support the label claims for lipid based nutraceuticals such as krill oil, fish oil, phospholipid enriched supplements, and many others. We primarily use Quantitative 31P NMR, GC-FAME, and LC/MS based methods in confirming customer’s label claims.

We can provide release testing to determine the lipid concentration in your final product, or stability testing to confirm that your label claims apply even after storage.

Our most popular Nutraceutical Testing Services include:

Quantitative 31P NMR

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Quantitative 31P NMR is an Avanti specialty. We use proprietary methods to confirm the label content for phospholipid containing nutraceutical supplements. Supplements enriched with phosphatidylserine (PS), phosphatidylcholine (PC), or other phospholipids will be dissolved to provide you with mg/capsule results. We can also test the phospholipid content of your lipid raw material prior to formulation or packaging, confirming your raw material and final product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Quantitative 31P NMR can also be used to monitor the stability of the phospholipids in your nutraceutical supplement. Decreases in phospholipid content, along with increases lyso-phospholipid content can be monitored with the same method that was used to initially confirm your phospholipid content.

GC-FAME Analysis (AUC)

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Our experience with gas chromatography for the characterization of fatty acids is extensive. Use of modern capillary columns with a choice of stationary phases, coupled with flame ionization detection support a vast range of possible analytical applications; the most popular request being percent composition of fatty acids present in a sample (sample preparation techniques allow for assay of esterified fatty acids only or total fatty acids (esterified and free). This method reports the fatty acids present in your sample with percentages based on the area under each chromatographic peak. FAME standards from C4 through C24 are used with each analysis.

GC-FAME Analysis (weight/weight)

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Quantitation of fatty acids on a weight percent basis employs internal standards spiked into sample matrix upon extraction / preparation. This method provides a more accurate reporting for the amount of each individual fatty acid present in your sample with the use of both internal standards and external calibration curves.

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Please note that all of Avanti Analytical Services are performed in a Quality Control Laboratory by a trained analyst and is intended for research use only. All work is documented and reviewed by a second trained analyst but does not involve the review of the cGMP Quality Unit of Avanti. If you require cGMP analysis of a sample, please see our cGMP Testing Services page for more information.