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  • Lipids and Lipid Extracts are extremely temperature sensitive and must be kept frozen in order to ensure their purity.

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NMR Testing

Carbon NMR790267$473.00
Phosphorus NMR (Qualitative)790209$163.00
Phosphorus NMR (Quantitative)790233$284.00
Proton NMR790210$557.00

HPLC Testing

HPLC (AUC)790201$226.00
HPLC (w/w Analysis)790238$326.00

GC Testing

GC-FAME (AUC)790203$163.00
GC-FAME (w/w Analysis)790240$326.00

Mass Spec Testing

Elemental Screen by ICP/MS790272$326.00
Flow Infusion Mass Spectrometry790213$Call For Price
Heavy Metal Analysis by ICP/MS790235$294.00
LC/MS/MS790208$Call For Price

Other Services

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)790220$83.00
Gravimetric Concentration790200$92.00
Optical Rotation790211$278.00
Particle Size790265$325.00
Particle Size with Zeta Potential790275$452.00
Peroxide Value (POV)790228$163.00

Phosphate Assay by UV/VIS790219$163.00

Other Services

Residual Solvent Analysis790218$326.00

Sample Extraction (Large Scale)790204$457.00
Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC)790207$163.00

Other Services

UV/VIS Oxidation790214$163.00
Water Content by Karl Fischer Titration790217$83.00
Zeta Potential Analysis790274$Call For Price

Custom cGMP Services

Consultation790236$Call For Price
Method Development790221$Call For Price
Method Development with Validation790216$Call For Price
Stability Testing790252$Call For Price
Validation Package790215$Call For Price