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Avanti is proudly supporting the COVID-19 vaccine production effort and our Analytical Services resources have been temporarily reallocated to support this critical need. At this time, we are declining new inquiries or requests for analytical services and expect this to continue through October 2021. As always, we thank you for your interest in Avanti's Analytical Services, and we look forward to the day we can resume support of your lipid analytical service needs.

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Solutions for the Entire Product Cycle: Research to Commercialization

After years of analyzing our own lipid compounds using the latest analytical techniques and instrumentation, the Analytical Services Division was created to share our expertise with the research, nutraceutical, food and pharmaceutical communities. We have been providing lipid analytical services to our customers for over 25 years and are able to perform analyses under regulatory guidance such as GLP or cGMP, upon request, to support your project from concept to the marketplace. Our experienced team of analysts continually incorporate advances in lipid analysis and we have consistently guaranteed the high-purity product that Avanti has provided for almost 50 years. We are available for consultation and look forward to discussing how our analytical services can support your specific needs.

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Please note that all of Avanti Analytical Services are performed in a Quality Control Laboratory by a trained analyst and is intended for research use only. All work is documented and reviewed by a second trained analyst but does not involve the review of the cGMP Quality Unit of Avanti. If you require cGMP analysis of a sample, please see our cGMP Testing Services page for more information.