While Avanti is well known for our high quality lipids, we offer much More Than Lipids. Specifically, we offer services across eight divisions that provide scientists with the benefit of our experience and solutions from the initial phases of research through to commercialization. Our services cover the entire product cycle and allow our customers to have the Avanti experience throughout their projects.

Learn more about our complete range of services by visiting our Divisions below:

  • Research Products
    As a meticulous researcher you can’t take a chance on an inferior lipid in your project. Avanti’s products give you the best possibility for success. We set ourselves apart from others by our consistent creation of the highest purity lipids on the market. Our ability and passion for making pure lipids for research applications is more like an obsession. We crave the daily challenges it takes to deliver the good stuff.
  • cGMP Manufacturing
    Creating an Avanti Development Team to ensure the smooth development of your API, including process development, small-scale manufacturing, process scale-up, cGMP manufacturing for tox studies & clinical trials, IND to NDA regulatory support, and commercial realization.
  • Adjuvants
    Vaccine adjuvants using heterogeneous monophosphoryl Lipid A (MPL) derived from Salmonella minnesota R595 have proven to be safe and effective at inducing Th-1 type immune responses to heterologous proteins in animal and human vaccines. Avanti revolutionized immunotherapy and vaccine development with the introduction of Synthetic MPL derivatives and adjuvant systems. Avanti now manufactures multiple synthetic analogs of MPL containing a single molecular species that are as effective and safe at inducing an immune response as their natural product predecessor. PHAD®, 3D-PHAD®, and 3D(6A)-PHAD® are manufactured according to cGMP guidelines and are available in bulk quantities for your clinical trials.
  • Analytical Services
    Sharing our years of analytical expertise with the research, nutraceutical, food and pharmaceutical communities with cGMP Testing Services, Lipidomic Discovery Analysis, and Nutraceutical Testing.
  • Lipidomics
    Connecting lipids, technology, and cellular biology.
  • Formulations
    Producing surface-labeled, PEGylated, fluorescent, and other liposome formulations, while working closely with our Lipid Analysts to ensure Avanti quality.
  • Equipment
    Providing liposome production tools, including Avanti’s Mini-Extruder for LUV preparation.
  • Custom Services
    In the early days of lipid research, when a unique lipid was needed for a project, investigators would either have to suspend their research to synthesize the lipid or find a collaborator to do the work. Today, Avanti is the preferred choice for collaboration on the synthesis of unique lipids.