Quantitative 31P-NMR Analysis of Phospholipid Mixtures

Posted on September 13, 2019

Quantitative 31P-NMR is an analytical technique that provides rapid, reliable characterization and quantitation of phospholipid species in a variety of matrices. The technique capitalizes on the wide variance of chemical shifts for phospholipid classes, and the 100% isotopic abundance ensures accurate and reliable data (LOQ = 0.3 mM; %RSD = 2%). Using a unique, proprietary sample prep method, this technique allows for comprehensive analysis of most nutraceuticals and liposomal formulations; an example is shown below. The response in mM concentration can be converted to weight/weight percent, mg per capsule, etc… If you desire a single concentration for each lipid class with unparalleled accuracy in your nutraceutical or formulation product, this method is ideal.

31P-NMR Spectrum of Soy Lecithin with Phospholipid Composition in wt/wt%


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Contributed By: Paul RS Baker, PhD, Avanti Polar Lipids