Our Founder

As the principal architect behind the unprecedented growth of Avanti Polar Lipids, Walter A. (Walt) Shaw is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on lipid synthesis/manufacturing, research and analysis. Since founding Avanti in 1967, Shaw has been instrumental in Avanti’s ranking as the world leader in lipid production and analysis. Shaw’s diverse knowledge of lipids was pivotal in the development of Avanti’s extensive offering of specialized lipid products for research and pharmaceutical use. It was Shaw’s vision to provide the highest quality product available — a vision shared by all Avanti employees — that earned Avanti its unique reputation for purity.

Shaw obtained a bachelor’s degree from Asbury University, a master’s degree from The Ohio State University, and a doctorate from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. In addition to his role at the helm of an internationally recognized lipid manufacturing company, Shaw served as Director of the Lipid Standards and Production Chemistry Core for the LIPID MAPS Initiative in Lipidomics. He has also served on several scientific advisory boards with universities and biotechnology companies. Shaw continually supports the scientific community through meetings, symposia, and awards to recognize outstanding individuals in the area of lipid research.

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