About Us

Avanti Polar Lipids is the world leader in developing innovative lipid-based products for research and pharmaceutical product development. For over 50 years, Avanti has worked with the research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries to provide solutions that advance science and save or improve lives. The consistent quality, which characterizes all Avanti products and services, is the foundation of our reputation. There are companies that make lipids, and then, there is Avanti.

Our Vision

Operating under the Life Sciences sector of Croda International Plc, Avanti is part of the Lipid Technology segment of Croda Pharma. Our vision is to realize the full potential of lipid technology from providing tools to answer fundamental questions about structure and function to providing effective, safe, and efficient pharmaceutical delivery systems to drive a new era of discovery, development, and commercialization.

Our Innovation

Pure lipids are our passion, and the amazing things that result from those products push us to continue to innovate and expand our portfolio. Agile and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the market, we creatively turn problems into solutions and support the entire product cycle to develop the next generation of materials to improve lives.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers is not only about what we do, but how we do it. It starts with having the leading lipid technology experts in synthesis and formulation and working through the discovery process in a collaborative approach. We offer expert technical partnerships on product design from the initial stages of a project, and we have the expertise to transfer those learnings into a cGMP manufacturing environment, using safe, sustainable practices to support clinical development. Guided by our integrity, we are committed to quality in our products, our people, and our company.

Our Difference

Our difference is our people. Our highly trained staff utilize proven methods and procedures to ensure the quality of our final product. Each product is backed by our Quality, Analytical, and Regulatory specialists according to a rigorous set of specifications. At Avanti, we hire the best, give them the tools they need, and let them work. As a result, many of our unique products are created by team members who are passionate about what they do.

Our History

By maintaining our commitment to quality on which we were established, Avanti has built a loyal following of customers. We take pride in the amazing things they do with our lipids, and it drives us to provide more innovative tools to advance their research.

  • Timeline


    Founded in 1967 in Richmond, Virginia by Dr. Walter A. Shaw, Avanti Polar Lipids originated from Dr. Shaw’s own need for highly purified egg phosphatidylcholine for use in a lipoprotein lipase assay. The excess material he produced was evaluated and purchased by Grand Island Biological Company (GIBCO, now part of Invitrogen/Thermo Fisher Scientific), and Avanti was born soon thereafter. Dr. Shaw’s vision was to provide scientists with the highest quality lipid products available thereby eliminating the uncertainty of questionable lipid reagents.

  • Avanti relocation


    In 1973, Avanti moved operations to Pelham, Alabama.

  • GMP


    Avanti was originally founded to provide high purity lipid reagents for biomedical research and worked exclusively in this space until 1985 when Burroughs Wellcome requested material suitable for a drug product they were developing. Avanti then worked together with Burroughs Wellcome to initiate GMP manufacturing.

  • 1990

    In 1990, operations were moved to the current site in Alabaster, Alabama, and Avanti successfully supplied API material for the commercial launch of Exosurf. Watch the short clip to learn more!

  • Lipid maps


    In 2003, Avanti began supporting the LipidMAPS consortium through development of mass-spectrometry standards for lipid quantitation. This initiative was just the beginning. Watch the video to see how far we have come!

  • New Analytical


    In 2008, Avanti continued to expand its facilities with the completion of a new analytical laboratory for quality control.

  • New GMP Facility


    In 2012, Avanti opened the current cGMP manufacturing facility.

  • 50 year anniversary


    We celebrated 50 years of Avanti!

  • Millipore


    Avanti entered into a global alliance partnership with MilliporeSigma/Merck for the exclusive distribution of research products internationally.



    Avanti Polar Lipids was acquired by Croda International Plc. to expand life sciences products, pharmaceutical services and cGMP production capabilities for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science research customers globally. Through this acquisition, we were collectively able to supply the lipid components needed for clinical trials and the commercial launch of the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • 2022

    Croda’s core specialty excipient portfolio combines with the lipid delivery systems of Avanti Polar Lipids and the company’s adjuvant systems under one business to become Croda Pharma.

  • Today

    With over 230 employees diligently working to provide high quality, revolutionary lipid products, we have successfully grown our product offering to well over 2000 unique lipids, antibodies, and lipid research tools.