About Us

Avanti Polar Lipids has a long history of 50 years creating the highest purity lipids available. Our passion for high quality and unique products is only exceeded by our excellent reputation in the marketplace.

Although we are known for our lipids, we are More than Lipids. We offer solutions for the entire product cycle…Research to Commercialization.


Avanti ships worldwide and encompasses all 8 divisions of our company including:

  • Research Products
    Highest Purity Lipid Reagents
  • cGMP Manufacturing
    API & Contract Manufacturing
  • Adjuvants
    Immunotherapy & Vaccine Development
  • Analytical Services
    Lipid Analysis
  • Lipidomics
    Mass Spec Standards, Antibodies & Lipid Toolbox
  • Formulations
    Liposomes & Nanoparticles
  • Equipment
    Liposome Production Tools
  • Custom Services
    Synthesis & Beyond

We are here to help in any aspect of your research.
People do amazing things with our lipids…what will you do?